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Podikizhi (Choorha Potali Massage) Elakizhi (Patra Potali Massage) Elakizhi (Leaf Potali Massage) Navarakizhi (Medicinal Rice Potli Massage) Abhyangam Udwarthanam (Powder Massage) Kati Vasti Janu Vasti Nasyam Herbal Steam

Acupressurists use acupressure points to relieve pain, balance energy, and promote health. The techniques they employ reduce tension in the muscles, increase circulation, and create relaxation. By relieving stress, these methods help people resist disease and increase their general wellness. For millennia, Chinese culture has incorporated acupressure as a beauty treatment. Certain acupressure points are believed to improve the skin, tone facial muscles, and relieve congestion. By releasing toxins and increasing the flow of life energy, a person may enhance and brighten their appearance. Many people have used acupressure treatments to treat impotence, infertility, fertility, and sexual endurance. By learning these special points on each other’s bodies, lovers can make acupressure a part of their intimate experiences. In addition to promoting sexual health, acupressure may also deepen sexual communication, foster a deeper intimate connection, and increase spiritual awareness. Acupressure can be used to treat various minor health conditions and prevent disease. It is sometimes used in conjunction with medical treatments for major illnesses to help restore optimal health.

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